Monster Energy + Warner Bros + “Mortal Kombat

We teamed Monster Energy and Warner Bros “Mortal Kombat” Video Game group to host a pre-release party and press event.  The event was held at the St. James Bar and Grill, one of Monster Energy’s key accounts in Hollywood.

In addition we incorporated our client to create custom “Mortal Kombat” cell phone and iPad stands, complete with the “Mortal Kombat” logo – a limited run of 300 pieces making it an instant collector’s item.

The event was streamed live and never before seen game footage was premiered for the guests.

We teamed Monster Energy with the “Mortal Kombat” video game team to create, implement and sponsor their release party!

  • Live Webcast of the Event with interviews of the cast and crew of the web-series.
  • Step and Repeat with photographers from many press outlets.
  • Cast appearances including Jeri Ryan.
  • Still and video coverage of the party with re-use permissions for the webcast footage.
  • Monster teamed with Svendia Vodka and Samuel Adams to co-host the beverages.
  • TEMC Client 3-Feet provided custom “3-Feet” cell phone stands with the “Mortal Kombat” Logo as gifts.
  • Hollywood’s St. Felix Bar and Grille provided an amazing venue – one of Monster’s on-premise accounts.
  • Warner Bros’ provided their press and celebrity lists for invitations.

The result was a major coup for Monster with placement in the video game

  • Gamers are one of energy beverages key consumers.
  • The sponsorship extended Monster’s relationship with Warner Bros. Video Game division.
  • Increased Monster’s on-premise relationships.

An Entertainment Marketing program does more than just drive demand for sales, it gives internal sales forces, distributors, retailers and others a Monster boost in Energy driving shelf placement, employee excitement and sell through!

A great time was had by all!

We’re Ready to Party