Build relationships with producers and studios, generate press and more!

Sponsorships come in all shapes and sizes.  From sponsoring a film’s cast and crew jackets to a title sponsorship for a sports venue and everything in between.  Sponsorships can be a relationship builders with a production, studio, actor or director.  A sponsorship can build on media image or make a branding statement.

We also leverage a placement in exchange for sponsorships such as providing cast and crew jackets, co-sponsoring a pre-production or wrap party etc.  We can take a visual placement and turn it into a starring role!

There are sponsorships for all budgets:

  • Relationship Building – Sponsor Cast and crew jackets, wrap parties, premier parties, on-set specialty coffee, lunch trucks, director or actors birthday celebration.
  • Cause Relates Sponsorships – team with celebrities and sponsor their preferred causes.
  • Studio Relationships – sponsor studio tours, college screening programs, or web-based studio content programming.
  • Film Festivals – sponsorships for free film festivals such as the Baja Film Festival to the premier festivals like Sundance and Caan.  Sponsorships include venue sponsorships and branding opportunities.

Case Study: Monster Energy Sponsors Warner Bros’ “Mortal Kombat” party!

Monster Energy teams with Warner Bros’ to turn one of Hollywood’s premier bar’s, The St. Felix Bar, into the evening’s number one party!

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