Placements can be worn, consumed, played, surfed on, used to block something not to be seen…

Brands big and small are potential promotional partners for entertainment properties.    With every placement or branded integration we arrange we look for ways to expand the on-screen exposure through a potential promotional arrangement.

There are promotional opportunities for all budgets from a tag on your brand’s website or link to the entertainment property’s website to a national or international advertising campaign cross-promoting your brand and the entertainment property.

We strive to search the promotional landscape for the entertainment properties that fit your demographic and reinforce you branding.  Our goal is to seamlessly integrate a promotion into your current and future marketing, branding and public relations efforts.

Examples of some promotional concepts are:

  • Web-based promotion featuring the brand’s website, Twitter and other social media, cross-linked sites and microsites.
  • On-Premise promotions where you create the POS, special packaging or tagging existing product.
  • Local, regional, national and international promotions scaled to your reach.
  • Combine print and electronic media, outdoor, web and other elements to a promotion’s reach.
  • “Tag” current media buys with “as seen in (the movie/show title) in theaters or releasing this week”
  • Hosting wrap and release parties, sponsoring college screening programs or even wrapping your company’s vehicles to promote your exposure.

Chevy, CBS and “Hawaii Five-O

Chevy teamed with CBS and “Hawaii Five-O” for a great multi-faceted advertising and promotional campaign for network television.

The multi-faceted promotion included:

  • Branded integration of various Chevy vehicles driven by the lead characters throughout the season.
  • 15 and 30 second cross-promotional advertising.
  • In-program tags including opening and closing tags.
  • In Dealership POP signage.
  • Licensing.

Featured vehicles driven by the lead characters included:

  • Steve McGarrett: Chevy Silvarado 1500 Crew Cab.
  • Danny Williams: Camero RS.
  • Catherine Rawlings: Vintage 1973 Corvette (C3) Stingray.
  • Kono Kalakaua: Chevy Cruz LTZ RS.
We’re promotionally ready!