Placements can be worn, consumed, played, surfed on, used to block something not to be seen…

In Product Placement a brand’s product or service is “placed” in a film, television show, streaming content or other entertainment property for clear and visible exposure.  The amount of exposure varies based on the uniqueness of the product, logo identifiability and so on.  These “Placements” generally are based on a product trade out or loan in exchange for the exposure and not guaranteed.  Product placement is an excellent addition to the brand marketing/PR campaign.

Where can we place your brand?

  • Feature Films
  • Network television
  • Streaming Media Original Programming
  • Cable Network Programming
  • Reality Programming
  • Talk Shows
  • Music Video
  • Game Shows
  • Webcasts

Product Placement is a great tool for…

  • Product launches
  • Product re-launches
  • Establishing a brand image
  • Associating with celebrities
  • Borrowing from the equity of an entertainment property
  • Launch pad for cross promotions, retail promotions and tie-in advertising


Providing products for game show prizing
  • Product visual exposure
  • Product mention(s)
  • Product Tags
  • Awarding Product(s)

Our Placement Process…

  • Learn about your brand image and target demographics
  • Identify and present brand appropriate entertainment properties
  • Work with the studio, producers and crew to create placement opportunities that fit the “story” or character’s image
  • Deliver or have product shipped to production
  • Track production’s progress and obtain proof of placement
  • Track product returns and invoice for any loss and damage
  • Report success or why a product did not “make the cut”
  • Reporting on an agreed upon frequency and obtaining proof of performance stills and clips.
We Would Love To See Our Products on screen!