Put your products into the hands of celebrities on air and off.

The public perception of a celebrity wearing or using a product or talking, texting or “tweeting” about a product is a key element to today’s branding efforts.   Over 82% of major brands participate is such efforts.

Audience gifting on a talk shows and news programming have become a staple in the branding mix as it impacts first-adopters, trend setters and influencer’s buying behavior.

A sample of the projects we have worked on:

  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The View, Live With Kelly and Michael, Rachel Ray, and others.
  • On-Set sampling and gifting for Georgio Armani Occhiali, Monster Energy, Naked Juice, Cardo Systems, Schiefflin Somerset and Sentry.
  • E-News reviews for Cardo System’s Bluetooth headsets.
  • Preparing for Holiday Gift Bags, On-Air Gift Segments and Celebrity Holiday Distributions:
    • GMA, The Today Show, E News!, CBS This Morning, Top 20 DMA local News Programs;
    • Gifting to the top 25 Female stars in television;
    • Holiday Gift Bags for the producers of the top 10 non-sports shows.
    • Prizing for Game Shows.

Where can we place your brand?

  • Gifting is a great way to get a product into the celebrity’s hands and create an implied endorsement via a photograph or a hard endorsement via social media post or wearing/using the products in public.  How do we handle celebrity endorsements?
    • We deliver to the set.
    • We send to the celebrity’s home, agent or assistant.
    • We participate in gifting suites.
    • We participate in seasonal or holiday gifting opportunities.
Let’s put YOUR products in celebritIEs hands!