Mayflower Case Study

Mayflower has all talent to be a star!

Mayflower’s Entertainment Marketing Program was a multifaceted program that also generated income!

  • Product placement
  • Placement of period Mayflower moving truck
  • Placement of uniforms for wardrobe
  • Placement of Mayflower boxes for props
  • Props and set storage at Mayflower Warehouse – Revenue Generation
  • Transportation of props and set items to and from local Mayflower Warehouse – Revenue Generating


Castle Rock/Warner Bros – Directed by Rob Riner

Recreating the 1950’s Mayflower provided an actual 1950’s moving van owned by one of their California licensee’s, and uniforms and boxes from their corporate archives!


TNT – Starring Jada Pinkett Smith

When the series winds down and the hospital closes, the producers and transportation department turned to MAYFLOWER to make a story point!

“Up All Night”

NBC – Starring Christina Applegate and Will Arnett

Mayflower provided a moving van, moving boxes, uniforms and even dollies, furniture pads, hand carts and forms!


USA – Starring Tony Shalhoub and Jason Gray-Stanford

The transportation captain needed a truck to block the “other side” of the alley and called Mayflower for the right size truck!

Mayflower from 1950 to Today!